For over 35 years, McEntee Construction has not only built homes across the tristate area but also served the masonry needs of various professional complexes from churches and sports arenas to restaurants and office buildings. In one recent project, we laid the groundwork for Infiniti’s brand new car dealership in Clifton, New Jersey, creating a permanent foundation for a thriving business’ home. To learn more about this process and the consistent work ethic of McEntee Construction, go behind the scenes of this project below.

Infiniti’s New Dealership Building

Reclaiming the space

Infiniti has been manufacturing luxury cars since 1989, and it deserves a home as sterling as its reputation. In Clifton, McEntee construction helped build its new dealership by pouring the floors with a fresh layer of concrete, establishing footing, and putting up walls to create a sound and long-lasting infrastructure.

Customized Styling

With a dynamic and sleek aesthetic, Infiniti is a company known for modern approach and high-end appeal. In carefully discussing the process and execution for Fette Infiniti in Clifton, McEntee Construction was able to learn about Infiniti’s desired design that would best reflect its brand and mission — all before pouring the first batch of concrete to lay the foundation for Infiniti’s successful new home.

Enduring Legacy

Infiniti is respected globally in the automobile manufacturing field, selling hundreds of thousands of cars annually. By skillfully creating the framework for Clifton’s 30,000 square foot facility, McEntee Construction ensures this is an efficient and lasting one-time job: we get the job done right the first time so your business can cement its legacy and continue to prosper.

Want More Information?

With over three decades of masonry experience working all across the tristate area, we look forward to learning about your business’ plan and ideas for renovation or construction. Give us a call — we’d look forward to stepping through this process together and laying the groundwork for your company’s future.