McEntee Construction takes every precaution necessary to ensure our stamped concrete projects are secure and durable, but like any yardwork, maintenance is key. Changing weather and wear and tear mean you’ll want to reseal your stamped concrete now and then.

But how often? That varies depending on the household, level of care, and external conditions affecting the stamped concrete. A safe bet is to reseal every two to three years; wait much longer and the seal will come undone, but resealing too often adds sealer where it’s not needed and delaminates the surface.

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When to Seal Stamped Concrete

When it comes to maintaining your stamped concrete, never doubt the effects of a good old spring cleaning. Once the weather warms, break out the hose, soap, and brush to clean off the surface. Give your patio a sudsy rinse, hose it off, and then let it dry — completely. Wait at least a day, and work during dry, warm weather. If messier stains (from pet waste, oil, or leaf litter) remain, additional cleaning or even stripping the sealer may be necessary. Solvents like xylene work well, as do rust removers, chemical strippers, or organic spot treatments.

How to Reseal Stamped Concrete

Then for resealing, it’s best to use the same sealer that was initially used. If you’re unsure what kind that was, at least keep water-based sealers with water-based sealers, or solvent ones with solvent ones. As a rule of thumb, strive for coating at a minimum of 400 square feet per gallon when resealing. Pump-up sprayers can be used to spread the sealer; spray in a circular motion and keep it thin — you’ll spray a second layer soon enough. Think of yourself as mixing the new sealer into the old one, and ideally you’d have someone back-rolling as you go with a paint roller to smooth down the layer.

Maintenance Tip

To keep your stamped concrete in good condition, do not use rock salt products on stamped concrete. Instead use sand or calcium or magnesium products.

Rather Leave Sealing to a Pro?

Resealing is something any homeowner can do, but it can be strenuous for just one person. If you need more tips, McEntee Construction is happy to help, but we can even reseal your stamped concrete for you. We regularly reseal projects we completed a few years earlier, but we also take on new households, ensuring that the results are good as new. Give us a call, and we’ll set up a consultation today.