Stamped Concrete Pool Deck in Northern New Jersey

As a decorative surface of faux stonework, stamped concrete does not have the usual roughness of concrete. This means — though more affordable than the real stone — stamped concrete has the potential to be somewhat slippery in weather-prone, exterior settings like a pool. Rainfall and pool water can make the sealed surface of stamped concrete somewhat slick. Depending on the design choices of each client, stamped concrete can be polished to a glossy finish looking almost like marble instead of concrete; such shinier versions of stamped concrete can indeed become slippery when wet — or, when not carefully crafted.

How to Minimize Slipperiness

But technology has come a long way to ensure stamped concrete is properly secured, and McEntee Construction proudly takes all the precautionary steps necessary to confirm our stamped concrete maximizes safety and sturdiness. After power washing the first layer, that initial surface fully dries before we add any seal. We put a non-slick additive in the sealer.

Additional Benefits of Using Stamped Concrete for a Pool Deck

Additionally, stamped concrete can be more durable than stone in some ways. Frozen and thawing soil can cause the ground surface and layer of stones to shift, and cracks can also be susceptible to weeds. Stamped concrete, with no real crevices between each stone, does not suffer from growing weeds, so maintenance is often simpler.

It’s important to note that running around a pool, no matter the surface, is dangerous. Accidental falls can send one soaking, so make sure young swimmers know not to scurry around a pool’s border. Stamped concrete has a timeless elegance to it, and through our meticulous and detailed installations, McEntee Construction makes sure this surface is as strong, safe, and enduring as any other deck, patio, or walkway.

If you live in the Northern New Jersey area and are considering a stamped concrete pool deck, give us a call to learn more about our services.