A large portion of our services involve commercial masonry projects – from the re-paving of parking lots and updating facades to new construction and complete remodels. As a full-service masonry firm, we work on projects of all shapes and sizes. Our clients span the spectrum from retail establishments to apartment complexes and our capabilities run the gamut from brick and stone to concrete and asphalt.

We recently completed a large commercial building overhaul in Central Valley, New York. Our team was retained to help transform a portion of the existing Kohl’s building on the site, which is located in the Woodbury Centre strip mall, into a new Aldi’s supermarket.  The job was very robust and included demolition, prep work and a variety masonry applications.

The Demo

Aldi was taking over a section of the building that houses Kohl’s. The space was to be remodeled – both functionally and aesthetically. This required careful demolition to make sure all the necessary structural elements remained intact. We were retained to demo both the interior and exterior of the building. Our experienced contractors devised the best way to approach the demolition, then brought in the necessary equipment. The McEntee team carefully cleared the interior to make room for the new design – removing old flooring, taking down walls and decommissioning utilities. We also removed the existing exterior façade. Then, the framers got to work.

prep for masonry construction project in orange county ny

The Prep

Once the demo and framing was complete, our team prepared for the masonry applications. We prepped the property as needed for new sidewalks and curbs, which included grading and the installation of crushed stone. Given the age of the building, there was substantial delipidated masonry that needed to be addressed. We made all of the necessary repairs and installed proper waterproofing.

mcentee construction  masonry contractors working on a supermarket in orange county ny

The Masonry Application

After the gutting, prepping, and framing was complete, we installed custom brick and pre-cast concrete sills on the exterior. We also installed the concrete sidewalks, ADA mats and curbing, as well as paved and striped the parking lot.

masonry construction project in orange county ny

mcentee construction masonry contractors installing new sidewalk in orange county ny

masonry construction work on an aldi supermarket in orange county ny

masonry exterior and sidewalk on aldi supermarket in orange county ny

If you are in planning a commercial masonry construction project in the tri-state area (NY, NJ and CT), give us a call. We are happy to schedule a free consultation.