McEntee Construction prides itself on many things — efficiency, decades of experience, and a keen eye for detail and execution — but our relationship and collaboration with our clients are priceless entities, something we treasure as we forge bonds with new families and projects. This collaborative spirit was crucial for this stamped concrete overlay task in Sussex County where we worked with homeowners on their budget needs and design aspirations to fulfill this outdoor project.

What the Client Requested

Stamped concrete is a very common and desirable design material for homes of varying styles. While stamped concrete is a budget-friendly undertaking, stamped overlay is even more economically efficient. This overlay option fit in the budget of the homeowner, who wished to update their two patios and stairs.

patio before stamped concrete overlay project

What McEntee Construction Created

Stamped overlay offers all the stylistic advantages of a traditional stamped concrete job, but is applied over a preexisting surface. Since the homeowners did not the expense of ripping up the two separate patios and stairs, McEntee Construction created a chic new layer to go atop the existing concrete. To do this, our professional contractors first cleaned the old concrete and then took up some existing concrete slabs that were too far gone (and would have hindered the process) before resurfacing the exterior area.

partially ripped up walkway and patio before stamped concrete overlay project

It’s All in the Details

Concrete overlay improves and uplifts the appearance of damaged exterior surfaces such as stairs, patios, or walkways. For this project, McEntee Construction covered two distinct patio surfaces and also the stairs leading down to them; our team then touched up and corrected these steps to properly resize their heights. The homeowners selected the pattern design below, and our team assisted with the color, going with Hazelnut and Espresso to complement the home’s exterior. Residing in a lakeside community, the pattern and colors blend perfectly with the calm, rustic environment surrounding the home.

stamped concrete overlay patio in sussex county nj

Ready for Your Stamped Concrete Project?

If you’re ready to start fresh or rethink your yard, walkway, steps or patio, give us a call and we’ll walk you through the process. Collaborating with homeowners in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut area has been our privilege for over three decades, and we’ve got the experience to mold and beautify your space into something modern, maintenance-free, and long-lasting.