Create an impressive entrance and upgrade your home’s overall curb appeal with stamped concrete. With this affordable “stone” option, you can transform your driveway from mundane asphalt to a beautiful, durable concrete design that will never go out of style – without spending a fortune.

Wide Range of Designs and Colors

Choose from a large selection of patterns and shades. Our stamped concrete artisans will help you select a design and color that will complement your home’s style and surrounding landscape. We can replicate popular, more expensive materials such as brick, cobblestone, slate and pavers.

High-End Look Without the High Price Tag of Natural Stone

While natural stone and brick are popular driveway upgrade choices, they have their drawbacks. The first is price. The materials, and the installation of them, can be costly. They also require time-consuming, regular maintenance like weeding and sanding. Stamped concrete exudes a high-end aesthetic at a more economical price point. It allows you to achieve the look and feel of natural stone, brick or pavers at a fraction of the cost – both in terms of materials and installation. Since stamped concrete is a single, poured slab, there is no sinking and there are no weeds or sand to deal with. Just simply sweep or wash dirt away and seal every few years to preserve color and prevent staining.

The McEntee Construction Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

At McEntee Construction, we are committed to superior craftsmanship and happy customers. Our goal is to provide a project that exceeds expectations – and is completed on time, and within budget. We achieve this goal through a skilled team of tradesmen and project managers, high-quality workmanship, and competitive pricing. When you retain McEntee Construction, you can trust that your project is in capable hands.